Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Trailer for The Raid

By Paco McCullough

There's a new green-band trailer for The Raid, a film I look forward to more than any other this year. It's less convincing then the previous red-band trailer, but offers a better idea of the plot and some new images of ass kicking. For some reason, they decided to now call it The Raid:Redemption, but whatever. Check it out. I think you'll dig it.

Wrath of the Titans Trailer

By Paco McCullough

I have only met one person ever who admitted to enjoying Clash of the Titans, but unfortunately that film made a ton of money. As we all know, money=sequel, and the second trailer for Wrath of the Titans was released today. I have to say, though, this one actually looks kind of fun, in a brainless, B-movie type of way. We'll find out if that's the case next month. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

American Reunion Trailer

By Paco McCullough

Here's the trailer for American Pie number 4 (if you don't count all the direct to dvd spin-offs). As I'm no longer a thirteen year old boy, I have no interest whatsoever in this film. Who knows, maybe some of you have a feeling of nostalgia, having grown up with them. If that's the case, I pity you. Anyways, check it out after the jump.

Bully Trailer

By Paco McCullough

Some of you may have heard about the recent MPAA decision to give the new documentary, Bully, an R-rating for crude language. A documentary about the epidemic of bullying that occurs in our school system, the film was made with the intention of not only sparking debate on the issue, but with the hopes of being shown in classrooms to help discussions on the issue. An R-rating would make this impossible in most districts, and it's unfortunate that the MPAA is unwilling to show kids actually behaving as kids do in school. A trailer for the film was released today, and you can catch it after the jump.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Bourne Legacy Trailer

By Paco McCullough

The idea of a Bourne movie without Matt Damon struck me as odd as first. Unlike 007, he works outside of the government, so there's no way to replace him and have it make sense. The fix? Don't replace him at all, but begin a new story entirely. I was leery about the idea at first, but I'll be damned if this trailer doesn't make the film look awesome. Pay particular attention to the fire hydrant about halfway through. Here's hoping the film's as good as the trailer.

GI Joe: Retaliation Trailer

By Paco McCullough

This new trailer for GI Joe seems to appeal to the twelve year old in all of us. Ninjas swordfighting on a giant cliff? Bruce Willis machinegunning a house from the backseat of a camaro? While it is possible that this film will be a bunch of fun, my money's on it being a giant turd. Even if that's the case though, this trailer is sorta fun. Check it out.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amazing Spiderman Trailer

By Paco McCullough

As of yesterday, I was very leery with the idea of a Spiderman reboot, particularly one directed by Marc Webb, whose previous experience was (500) Days of Summer and some music videos for emo bands. The original trailer certainly didn't do any favors, particularly an extended scene that looked like it was from a video game. While the new trailer still has some flaws, for the first time I'm excited about the film. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trailer of the Day: Avengers Superbowl Spot

By Paco McCullough

*Sigh* For your viewing pleasure, here is the buzzed about new spot debuting Sunday during the big game. Personally, I don't view it as too buzzworthy- the only shot not included in the first trailer is a short close-up of Scarlett Johanson as the Black Widow. Anyways, enjoy.

Things I Don't Understand (2011) Review

By Jason Haskins

A grad student, dealing with her own fractured life, befriends a girl in a hospice on the request of her therapist. Her goal: to learn about things she doesn’t understand: life, death, and the in between. As the film continues you are introduced to her fun roommates and see a glimpse of hope in her eyes as she falls for a bartender who has secrets of his own.